Simplify your life.
Use Business Stack every day for the smooth running of your business. Use Bursery expense workflow to keep spending under control

The beginning. Create multiple identities, for example to separate personal from professional activities. All your information will be associated with the identity you created them in.


The things you want to get done. Choose from a predefined set or create your own, and then set reminders, attach documents to them.


Your documents are no longer just files. Instead, attach your documents to what makes them meaningful, be it an event, an invoice, an expense and more.


Your most important contacts. Record their details so that they automatically appear in your pick lists when you create timesheets and invoices. Export customer data, for example to initiate marketing.


Create invoices from a predefined set of job types and rates, from a timesheet, or on an ad-hoc basis. Share you invoices with other users or send them to any email you choose.


Create timesheets for the customers you've already setup, send them your timesheets. Use a predefined set of jobs types and rates or create new ones.

Expense Workflow

Use a request-approve-report workflow to manage your expenditure by approving or rejecting expenses created by other users that have connected to you. Set up periodic or per user reports. Export data at any time.


Business Stack includes a built-in messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages between yourself and another user. All messages are securely encrypted in transit such that only you and the person you send it to can read them.

Automatic Currency Conversion

Create your items in one of 15 major currencies, then specify another in your totals or summary views and the conversion is automatically calculated using the rate on your chosen item date.

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